MK Hobbies is set to craft aerospace models and accessories of the highest quality, for our corporate, government and hobbyist clients. We have the unique distinction of being the first company in Pakistan and in South Asia to enter the static scale model export industry.
Our aspiration is to become the world’s leading model-making company.

Who We Are?

A custom model isn’t just about fit and finish, it’s about our clients’ aspirations and vision. An exceptional model should communicate the potential of a concept, it should be a sales tool and it should command the interest and attention of everyone who sees it. At MK Hobbies, we take the time to understand more than your technical requirements. We understand your vision and build models that become an incredible asset for you and your organization.

The materials we use include wood, metal, PLA, PVC, fiberglass, acrylic and a variety of plastics. We are equipped with additive manufacturing capabilities, a metal and wood shop as well as CAD capabilities.

Our leadership has been building high-quality scale models for over 35 years and our well-trained team has the skill and knowledge to transform our clients’ most audacious ideas into reality.

Custom 3D Parts:

If you want to add custom payloads to your models, we are adept at modeling your concepts in CAD and creating 3D printed weapons, ground equipment, engine exhausts and even custom figurines. Our ready-to-buy accessories are generally produced at 1/72, 1/48 and 1/35 scales.

Custom-Built Models:

We design and build completely custom models for individuals, companies, educational institutions, flying schools, collectors and museums. These can include historically significant models, currently in-service systems or even future concepts.


MK Hobbies is also a supplier of ready-to-buy kits. Our current lineup includes the Learjet 35 and MFI-17.

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